Upgrading from Picoo software version 2.7

If you have never updated your Picoo controllers before, you may not be able to update to the latest firmware version. This is because newer versions are much larger and the old version does not yet support it.

To update, it is necessary to update using an intermediate step. For this purpose we have prepared a special ('stripped') firmware file. This firmware is much smaller, so updating is still possible. To save space, no games can be played with the 'stripped' firmware.

Note: Picoo controllers with the stripped firmware cannot be turned off with the button. They turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

This document describes the steps required to update from version 2.7. After all steps have been completed, future firmware updates will again be possible through the normal way.

Here's how to recognize Picoo firmware version 2.7

  • Install or update the Picoo app. Use at least version 2.7 of the app.
  • Open the app and click on "Maintenance"
  • Switch on your Picoo controllers
  • Tap "Start." The app now establishes contact with the Picoo controllers
  • Tap "Next." 
  • A list of Picoo controllers will now appear.
    • A Picoo controller with Picoo firmware version 2.7 (or lower) does not display a version number in the list. Update your Picoo controllers by following the steps below.
    • A Picoo controller with Picoo firmware version 2.8 (or higher) displays a version number in the list. You can update your Picoo controllers in the normal way.

Steps to update the firmware from v2.7

  1. Install or update the Picoo app. Use at least version 2.7 of the app.
  2. Make sure the Picoo controllers are charged.
    • Does the Picoo controller pulse yellow or red? If so, charge the Picoo controller first.
  3. Open the Picoo app.
  4. Power up a maximum of three Picoo controllers.
  5. In the app, tap "Maintenance.
  6. In the app, tap "Start" to search for Picoo controllers.
  7. Once the Picoo controllers are found -> tap 'Next'
  8. Tap 'Update all'
  9. The app asks for a URL. Delete the URL already entered and enter the following URL: https://bit.ly/picoo-fw-2-7 .Then press "OK.
    • Don't wait too long to start the update! The Picoo controller automatically turns off after 15 minutes. The update fails if the Picoo controller turns off while updating.
  10. The Picoo controller is now updated to the "stripped" firmware. Wait until the app indicates that the update is complete. This may take several minutes.
    • Update failed. Is the Picoo controller flashing blue, yellow or red? Then unfortunately the loading of the 'stripped' firmware has failed. Go back to step 4.
    • Update successful. Does the Picoo controller flash alternately blue and pink? If so, proceed to step 11.
  11. Press 'Update all' again in the Picoo app.
  12. You do not need to modify the URL. Press "OK.
    • It is not necessary to take into account the 15-minute shutdown time. As long as the update is in progress, the Picoo controller remains on.
  13. Picoo controllers are now updating to the latest version.
  14. Wait until the app indicates that the update is complete. These Picoo controllers are now ready, turn them off. 
  15. Repeat steps 4 through 14 for Picoo controllers that have not yet been updated.