How do I update my Picoo One's software?

Tip: Updating a Picoo controller takes several minutes. Make sure you have enough time to update all of your Picoo controllers.

1. Install the Picoo app.

If you don't already have the app installed on your device, install the Picoo app on your smartphone or tablet.

Google Play store

Apple App store

2. Set up smartphone or tablet

  • Turn on bluetooth and make sure the app has permission to use Bluetooth.
    • On Android: Also make sure the permissions for Location and 'Devices Nearby' are allowed*.
  • Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the Internet. The Picoo app will automatically download the software for your Picoo controllers from the Picoo server. Don't worry: the software is only 450kB in size!
  • Open the Picoo app on your smartphone or tablet. When the app is first used, it will ask for permission to use Bluetooth. Give the app permission to do this.

3. Prepare your Picoo controllers

  • Make sure your Picoo controllers are charged.
  • Turn on 6 Picoo controllers. Do you have more Picoo controllers? Repeat this procedure later for your remaining Picoo controllers.

Note that a Picoo that lights up red or orange after startup must be charged first.

4. Picoo controllers update

  • Tap "Maintenance."
  • Tap "Start."
  • Once all your controllers are found, tap "Next."
  • Tap "Update."
  • In the app, you can track your progress. The update takes a few minutes per controller.
    • Keep the app open, you cannot use your smartphone or tablet for anything else while updating.
    • Put your smartphone or tablet next to the Picoo controllers.
    • Your controllers are now being updated.
  • When the update is complete, turn off the Picoo controllers.
    • Do you have more than 6 Picoo controllers? Then repeat this procedure from step 3.

Something goes wrong

Unable to update? Then contact us, we are happy to help you! You can find us at or +31 (40) 24 05 295

*Picoo does not use your location data. Android, however, needs it to connect via Bluetooth.