How long is the battery life of a Picoo controller?

Battery life while playing

It varies depending on the game you play, but in general you can play 3 to 4 hours continuously with Picoo controllers. After that, you might be a little tired yourself :)


Battery life depends on the intensity of use. Since this is different for everyone, the actual lifespan is difficult to predict. 

Keep in mind that use affects lifespan, but not using affects lifespan as well: a battery in a controller that sits idle for a long time and is not used also deteriorates. This applies to all devices with a battery, by the way.

So a good tip is to first charge Picoo controllers that are empty before putting them in the closet.

Replacing the battery

Good to know: is the battery at the end of its life? Then contact us, because the battery is replaceable, and with a new battery you have new fun :) By the way, do not replace the battery yourself, this should only be done by Picoo employees.